The Neighbor Special is a changing, non-burger menu item (limited time and supply) that features local recipes to expand dining options in the area and offer diversity for those who just aren’t in the mood for a burger. Food specials may include favorites like “Mom’s Hawaiian chicken,” “Ali's chicken and waffle kabobs,” "Ellen's jambalaya," or “Erik's Colorado green chili burritos.” Like Us on Facebook or join our NB Locals mobile club to hear about the specials. 

Neighborhood Service

Neighborhood Burgers is a favorite for locals because we are locals who take care of locals. Meats and buns are purchased from local providers. Local high school and college students are offered employment opportunities. Local schools and service organizations are actively supported. And every person who walks through the door is treated like a special friend or neighbor walking into our home. See Extras ...

Ice Cream

There’s no better way to follow up a great burger than with an ice cream cone. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or swirl soft-serve ice cream. If you purchase a combo (burger, fries and drink), a regular size ice cream is free.

Buns & Meats

Our beef and chicken patties are made of free range, all natural meats with no hormone implants, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products (by our local butcher, Overland Meat & Seafood Co). And Tahoe’s My Sugar Pine Bakery bakes the fresh white and wheat buns specifically for our burgers. Our self-created veggie patty includes couscous, orzo pasta, garbanzo beans, quinoa and veggies. Our quarter pound patties are made to cook quickly with great flavor and complement the unlimited toppings and spreads (additional patties are available for bigger appetites, but most people find that one is plenty).  

the experience.


After many years of asking … “Why aren’t there more, better options for fast, quality food?” … “What happened to plain ol’ good service and taking care of people?” …  and, “What kind of restaurant would we want our family and friends to be proud of?” ... owners Erik Watada and Matt Grime created Neighborhood Burgers. Erik and Matt own other businesses in town separately and are active Rotarians and supporters of local schools and the community. 

We hope you enjoy your experience at Neighborhood Burgers!

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Fast, Fresh, Feeding Community Energy.

Neighborhood Burgers is a fast casual, family-friendly restaurant that serves custom-prepared burgers made of fresh, local ingredients. The create-your-burger menu offers more than 13 quadrillion burger combinations! And special treats like soft-serve ice cream and an extensive selection of 40+ root beers make Neighborhood Burgers a favorite local experience. Key ingredients for our recipe of success:
    •    Combine quick with quality
    •    Take care of our neighbors and community
    •    Keep it simple


Traditional skinny fries or shoestring sweet potato fries are a perfect complement to the burgers. Select seasoning shakers developed by Tahoe's Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co to add a little extra kick of flavor. (We also “secretly” offer loaded fries as a meal instead of a side, with choices of all the chopped toppings and spreads!)


Neighborhood Burgers offers fast casual breakfast (all day, every day), including build-your-own breakfast sandwiches and Colorado-style pork green chili breakfast burritos.​ More ...


You decide how your burger (or salad) is created. Grab a paper order form on the way in and circle your choices for bun, meat, cheese, spreads and chopped toppings. Be sure to check out the Counter TV to see the featured items for each category, which change on an ongoing, random basis. Posters on the wall can get you started if you’re looking for suggestions. Then bring your form to the counter to pay and have the kitchen create your burger just they way you want it. (If you just want a quick, traditional burger, or one for a bit less money, come to the counter and order a Basic Burger and we’ll make you a burger with American cheese, ketchup, mustard or mayo, and pickles.) If you're in a hurry, order and pay online and just run in to pick it up.

Chopped Toppings

The burgers are made to order with evenly spread, chopped toppings. Although chopping our toppings may not be traditional, it helps distribute all the topping flavors among every delicious bite and allows us to offer unlimited toppings for your burger creation without charging more. (And anything that drops out is great with the fries!)

Root Beer

Neighborhood Burgers offers an extensive selection of 40+ root beers, sarsaparillas and birch beers on stock in our Root Beer Alley cooler. Enjoy a traditional choice like Henry Weinhard’s, Dad's, or Frostie, a can't miss like Boylans, or something flavorfully unique like Craft. (See more about root beer ...) And add some soft serve ice cream for a great root beer float! (We don’t sell alcohol since we have younger employees and want a family-friendly atmosphere, but you can bring in your own if you drink responsibly!)