neighbor specials.

The Neighbor Special is a changing, non-burger menu item (limited time and quantities) that features local recipes to expand dining options in the area and offer diversity for those who just aren’t in the mood for a burger.

Food specials include favorites like “Mom’s Hawaiian chicken,” “Ali's chicken and waffle kabobs,” "Ellen's jambalaya," “Erik's Colorado green chili burritos,” "Sai's Loco Moco," and other diverse and fun options.  The Neighbor Specials also occasionally feature menu items and creations from other local restaurants and chefs. 

Send us your ideas and favorite recipes. 

June 15, 2016

Overland Italian sausage on a hoagie roll with grilled green bell peppers, red onions, and choice of spread. Served with fries. ($10) 

A limited quantity will be available on a first come, first-served basis. 

June 8, 2016
Neighborhood Burgers is partnering with the Fox & Hound to feature Tahoe's best BBQ. Come in for a pulled pork sandwich topped with their famous sauce and coleslaw, served with a side of their trip tip and bacon baked beans. ($10)

June 1, 2016
Change up the lunch routine with a couple mahi-mahi fish tacos complemented with a custom-created southwest coleslaw, jalapeño cream spread, and pico de gallo, served with fries ($10) 

May 25, 2016
Neighborhood Burgers is partnering with Capisce? to feature their handcrafted meatball and mozzarella cheese sliders on homemade focaccia slider buns and their famous "gravy," along with a side of Lisa's macaroni salad. ($10) 

May 18, 2016
Enjoy Leo's Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Rice Bowl. Veggies include tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and carrots. ($10) 

May 5, 2016 (Cinco de Mayo)
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Shantell's chicken and green chili enchilada casserole; a couple of beef and potato hard shell tacos topped with lettuce and sriracha-ranch dressing; and a side of refried beans. ($10)​

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